• Activities Committee
    Cathy Lavallee:  302-540-5681

    Altar Servers
    David or Lisa Carey:302-420-9252 or
    Janene Kolisz:

    Bible Study and Faith Sharing
    Deacon Tommy Watts:  302-834-5408

    Boy Scouts
    Jonathan Nicholls:  302-838-5294

    Cantors & Choir
    Tom Mucchetti:  610-220-2690
    Mary Kate Newell:  302-521-7788

    Church Cleaning Group
    Kathy Gustafson 302-261-6203
    Joanne Spence 302-832-8548

    Cub Scouts
    Tom Hill:  302-388-9996

    Daughters of St. Francis de Sales
    Susan Brubaker:  302-834-1671

    Doughnuts / Refreshments after Mass

    Eucharistic Adoration

    Kara Hall:  302-383-0889
    Friends of St. Margaret (50+)
    Judy Zecca 302-540-7060

    Golf Committee
    Mike Ryan:  302-283-1474

    Janet and Ed Tyczkowski:  302-832-1057

    Knights of Columbus
    Mike Robinson:  302-438-5232

  • Lectors
    Lynn Woerner: 302-836-5206

    Ministry of Hospitality (Ushers)
    Tim Higgins:  302-836-1099

    Nursery / Babysitting
    Suzy Rogers: 

    Prayer Line
    Karen Kolek: 302-834-0225  ext. 108

    Prayer Shawl
    Linda Barry:  302-379-2513
    Barbara Coates:  302-838-7738

    Teri Dzik:  302-834-5560

    Social Justice Committee
    Bill Mitchell:  302-836-6006
    Mary Lou Gantzer:  302-521-5332

    Special Ministers of  Holy Communion
    Kathy Linsner: 302-832-1488

    St. Margaret of Scotland Football Team
    Michael Klepacki:  302-229-2285

    St. Vincent DePaul Society
    Ed Lyons:  302-834-0228

    Francis Woerner:  302-836-5206

    Welcoming Committee
    Trish Gerhart:  302-379-3869